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英文书信 婚礼邀请函


Dear Snoopy,

I am greatly honored to formally invite you to participate in Mr. Guo Jing"s wedding ceremony with Ms. Huang Rong to be held at Beijing Grand Hotel from 8 to 10 p.m. on April 1, .

As you are a close friend of us, we would very much like you to attend the celebration and share our joy. The occasion will start at seven o"clock in the evening, with the showing of their wedding ceremony. This will be followed by a dinner party. At around ten, we will hold a small musical soiree, at which a band will perform some works by Bach and Strauss.

If you do not have any prior appointment on April 1, we look forward to the pleasure of your company.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming



Mr.and Mrs.John Smith request the honour of the presence of

Mr.and Mrs.J.A.Brown

at the marriage of their daughter

Elizabeth Smith


Mr.John Frederick Hamilton

Saturday,the twenty-ninth of September

at four o"clock p.m.

Church of Heavenly Rest

New York

译文如下:J.A.布朗先生及夫人:兹定于九月二十九日(星期六)下午四时在纽约天安教堂为小女伊丽莎白.史密斯与约翰?弗雷德里克.汉密尔顿先生举行婚礼,届时恭请 光临.约翰.史密斯夫妇谨订.

一张正式的英文结婚请柬,格式采用固定的分行式.在内容安排上按照“邀请者 被邀请者 邀请之意活动内容 时间 地点”这样的先后顺序.汉语的顺序是“活动时间 活动地点 活动内容 邀请之意邀请者的姓名”,邀请者的姓名应写在右下角,与正文分开.无论是英语请柬还是汉语请柬,在语言上的要求是一致的`,都须简洁明了,措辞庄重、文雅,比如,原请柬中为表达邀请之意所用的是“request the honour of the presence of”,翻译时用“恭请光临”与之对应.此外,译文的开头用了“兹定于”,结尾处用“谨订”,这样的用词都体现了请柬正式的文体.但有两点不同:第一,英文请柬从头至尾都采用第三人称,译成中文时,一般应改用第一人称,如:“the marriage of their daughter”译成“为小女”;第二,英文请柬中星期应写在日期之前,译成汉语时,星期应写在日期后面的括号内.

有时请柬下角有一些备注,提醒被邀请人应注意的事项,如:R.S.V.P.:法语 “Répondez s"il vous plait” 的缩写,即 “Please reply”,“请复函”; For regrets only:“若不能来请告知”(regrets意为“谢绝邀请的短柬”);Dress code:着装要求.


邀请函形式上大体分为两种:一种为正规的格式 (formal correspondence),亦称请柬;一种是非正式格式 (informal correspondence), 即一般的邀请信。邀请信包括宴会、舞会、晚餐、聚会、婚礼等各种邀请信件,邀请信是在形式上不如请柬那样正规,但也是很考究。书写时应注意:

邀请信一定要将邀请的时间(年、月、日、钟点)、地点、场合写清楚,不能使接信人存在任何疑虑。例如:“I’d like you and Bob to come to Luncheon next Friday.”这句话中所指的是哪个星期五并不明确,所以应加上具体日期, “I’d like you and Bob to come to luncheon next Friday, May the fifth.”


July 29,


XXX,VP Sales

XXXXXXXX Corporation


It’s our great honor to invite you to visit XXX Company located at (address) in August,2015.This visit will provide an opportunity for you to make a better understanding of our marketing issues,and to communicate our future business cooperation in detail.

XXX Company,as one of your distributors in China,has been great progressing in promoting and selling your products.We believe this visit will be of great benefit to our future business cooperation.

Please use this invitation letter to apply for your VISA to China.

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon,and should you have any questions,please feel free to inform me.

Yours truly,


Vice President Sales

XXX Company


Thirty, smiling face write full of happiness, smile eyes curved mouth sweet, carrying happy, floating gauze wrapped in beautiful, also lack is your light

Lin, I hope you can attend my wedding ceremony, to witness this moment, must come!

Thirty-one, buddy, and Xi Shi you meet, you missed this life; and Diao Chan meet, you cross the puzzled; to see four big beauty? Come to my wedding

A gift, my wife is very beautiful yo! Ha ha, marriage must not I miss yo!www.zfyou.com

Thirty-two, in the evaluation of new I love you policy, in line with the rest of my life, the purpose of each other, the two of us (**AND**) decided to start the “love

The ceremony ”, welcome you to the scene to observe, time: Location: * * * *

Thirty-three, in order to get rid of lascivious men harassment, to shopping a valet Valet, to sleep with someone to hold. I will be in the * * * month

* * * * the open recruitment of a valet de chambre, held a grand recruitment activities, please attend on time reception!

Thirty-four, beat gongs and sound drums really noisy firecrackers, red ground, toting wife into the banquet, The house is full of guests. beaming thick, look, see no see you, hurry again Information, the brothers come to drink wedding, wedding banquet to shine you.

Branches thirty-five, a pair of birds, butterflies flying among the flowers of love, a perfect match, the day the beautiful auspicious occasion. Children get married soon, wish you In * * * to the mansion, special feast, Wang came to town, will be waiting.

Two, when you fall in love, you are my love matchmaker, smooth; when I married, you are the best man, I am a happy marriage; now I gave birth to a son, likeA cup of wine more not less to your taste; may your blessing, my happiness is more splendid!

Three, marriage very happy, the wedding day has been set to marry a wife, invited friends to gather together, sent best greetings, drinking more sweet, happy Add festive wedding, there you are, Good luck and happiness to you! Followed. Please remember the wedding banquet, I respect you!

Four, I find I love the book, each chapter in this book are sweet, laugh, happy, you will be unable to hold oneself back.Asked me when I would finish, I will tell you, a lifetime, in this month, * * *, I want to make life regret the decision, as you open it The true face of the book, and my wife * * into this life the most beautiful symphony chapter, remote please on time to set your hands (invitation) selected* * * station jointly recorded and attend on time, on-site look forward to your bright eyes, thank you!

Five, wedding wedding, wedding music, with joy, is happiness. XX and XX were invited you to attend our wedding ceremony, XXXX years X months X days XX Hotel, we are looking forward to You and your family to come. Advocate low carbon life, hereby SMS invitation.

Six, etc. for a long time until finally today, hope for a long time and finally put a dream...... Take turns to Feng Shui ah, finally it"s my turn to receive red envelopes, teenagers,Back daughter-in-law bring red envelopes, X years X months X days XX hotel to give gifts, not red, then leave the daughter-in-law, you let myself kanzhuo ban.

Seven, we need to witness your blessing and happiness: invite you to participate in the XX and XX"s wedding -- XX year X month XX day 18:00 PM, XX rice Shop.

Eight, I recently xicongtianjiang, can let me look very happy, hope you now be overjoyed that only “pleasant goat” to come, it will more be bursting with happiness Marriage, to smile, wish you to come for me to your joy ah!

Nine, single carrier eventually from, today entered the marriage hall, set the table before dinner friends, invited friends to witness, your wish is very important, do not delay

Come, if you don"t come I do not knot.www.zfyou.com

Ten, landscape has feeling for your blessing, I am happy; get your greeting, I get joy; to share with you, I am happy sweetness;You know, my happiness; today is my farewell single moment, I need your blessing, friend, promise me Be There Or Be Square!

Eleven, flight number Love1314, 20** * * * * * * off year month date, destination -- * * hotel, travel restrictions on the day when the flights, on the day of arrival Effective. I and beautiful she came together, our sweet invite you to witness and blessing. Dear * * *, and welcome aboard!

Twelve, tomorrow XX points to XX Hotel in XXX and XX"s wedding! To bring a gift ah yes or no! Is there any reason have not allowed! To Arrive on time ah yes or no!!! Each received this message does not attend the all life is a broken winged angel!

Thirteen, in order to solve my clothes washed dishes do no one, no one, the big spenders, the status quo of stress free life, I introduced a new investment project,Will be held in June * * * * * * * * * * points held a grand celebration, please attend on time!

Fourteen, I selected auspicious occasion opening, invite blessed to drink, this is propitious liquor, drinking more happiness more; this is the source of wealth of wine, drink

Silver piece into the pocket; may you on time for an appointment, bring happy auspicious, drink Co laugh!

Fifteen, do not doubt your eyes, I (XXX) finally decided to XXXX years X months X days at the XX Hotel, and XXX together into another stage of life,Yes is to get married, you are hereby notified: there must attend on time, otherwise I will be launched around all of human material and financial resources, will take you to the scene Oh, so, please bless me!

Sixteen, love is about to begin the wedding industry, on the pendulum wine; married life together, may you share happy moments, food & wine please goods Taste, a good marriage please bless you, my wedding you must participate in yo!

Seventeen, wedding theme movie “when love comes” starring: XXX & XXX: XXX invites guest release date: X year X month X day.Eighteen, Xi Shua Shua, SMS, good day, has set up, hope you come, elegant, the wedding day, invite you, hope to visit, thank first, and then a greeting Hi, day, married, have no you, no seats, you attend, gift. Hee hee, I want to get married, you are welcome to oh!


1. 邀请朋友共进午餐 Inviting a friend to informal luncheon

Dear [Zhang Ying]:

Will you come to luncheon on [Friday, May the fifth], at [twelve o’clock]?

My niece [Mary] is visiting us and I think you will enjoy meeting her. She is a charming, very pretty girl … and very good company! [John and Jane] will be here, and perhaps we can [give a dance] after luncheon. Do say you’ll come!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming


您能在[5月5日星期五中午12点钟] 来吃午饭吗?


2. 邀请朋友同他们不认识的人一起共进晚餐 Inviting friends to supper with the strangers

Dear [Susan]:

I know you are interested in [oil painting], so I’m sure you’ll be interested in [Mr. and Mrs. Lin dun]! They are coming here to supper [next Sunday night, October the twelfth], and we’d like you and [Walter] to come, too.

[Mr. and Mrs. Lin Dun] are that very charming couple we met in [London] last summer. They have a wonderful collection of [oil paintings of various stages]; and I understand that Mr. Lin Dun is quite an authority on [oil painting]. I’m sure you and Walter will thoroughly enjoy and evening in their company.

We’re planning supper at six; that will give us a nice long evening to talk. If I don’t hear from you before then, I’ll be expecting you on the [twelfth]!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming





3. 邀请参加新厂开工典礼 Invitation to opening ceremony of new factory

Dear [Mr. Harrison]:

Our new factory will be commencing production on [April 10] and we should like to invite [you and your wife] to be present at a celebration to mark the occasion.

As you will appreciate this is an important milestone for this organization, and is the result of continued demand for our products, both at home and overseas. We are inviting all those individuals and trust that you will pay us the compliments of accepting.

Please confirm that you will be able to attend by advising us of your time —— we can arrange for you to be met. All arrangements for your stay [overnight on April 10] will, of course, be made by us at our expense.

Yours faithfully,




如您确能参加,请来函告知您抵达的时间 —— 以便我们为您安排会晤。当然,所有安排您在[10日晚间]夜宿的费用,皆将由公司代您支付。


Nineteen, wedding, how can forget you, have your foreplay, the wedding banquet will be more play, dear friend, let our friendship, sincereI hope you will visit, Kinoue Kaki.

In twenty, time: * * date *, * * hotel, location: characters: dear you, event: * to marry pull, because the mobile phone short message of support to the statistics

Holdup, consult and to please reply to Y, please reply to H access could not attend, and indicate the reasons (for no particular reason over H) attached: SMS, I wish

Deputies to the National People"s heartfelt thank you for your blessing, invites you to come! Posted, please reply directly!

Twenty-one, setting off firecrackers, my wedding day has come; flowers, moonlight, wedding festivities degree night; the wine, food products, not my best friend

Less; send text messages, to invite you, please be sure to!

Twenty-two, the villain is about to enter the tomb of love, then please you coming to attend my love funeral, witness this magical moment, to discipline

Read my dead love. The pain of my sincerity to your arrival. To determine such a happy.

Twenty-three, I chase her recovery for legs, chase a whole four years, today I get married swing wedding, love finally into Zhengguo, nature is little not the wedding banquet

You, invited you to witness testimony, you set the festivity, bring your red tape on your stomach, quickly come to dinner!

Twenty-four, in order to hold high the banner of marriage is the love belonging, blow that marriage is the tomb of love of the reactionaries. XX and XXX make oneself an example

Rushed to the front, battle of. X month x day x x in the XX Hotel, and invite you to visit the launching ceremony!

Twenty-five, dear friends, the moment has finally arrived, I decided to end the day and he even held hands, proceed without hesitation to all the young couple yearning temperature

Sweet sweet, happy and vowed to carry out in the end. Please dear first time come to share our love bit by bit, we wish a happy couple married!

Twenty-six, Hello, I XXX it is scheduled for XXXX year x month x day XX and XXX at the wedding ceremony, the site of the XXX, I sincerely hope that you and your family in

Thanks for your best wishes.

Twenty-seven, hey, XX month XX day XX to XX and XX in the wedding, do remember to arrive on time Oh, address, remember, in XXXXXXX; sincere

Invite you to witness.

Twenty-eight, happy flowers good luck to the bride, came to tomorrow; known for years feeling good, I have to go to several elder brother; set the feast with you, a

Cup wedding sweetheart; do not meet you for many years, and join in the fun to see a face!

Twenty-nine, “tomorrow falls on auspicious day, XX and I will be on the XX palace held a wedding, although not what food feast, selfish thinking if you can attend,

Are excellent for us.” Words: marry me tomorrow, XX point XX Hotel, be absent!