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1、"You are the missing piece to my puzzle." - 你是我人生中缺失的一部分。

2、Love, once so beautiful, now feels like a distant memory that only brings tears to my eyes. 爱情,曾经那么美丽,现在却感觉如同遥远的记忆,只会带来眼泪。

3、"In your smile, I found something more beautiful than the stars." - 在你的微笑中,我找到了比星星更美的东西。

4、I held onto love so tightly, afraid to let go, but in the end, it slipped through my fingers like sand. 我曾经牢牢地抓住爱,不敢放手,但最终,它如同流沙从我指间溜走。

5、In the language of tattoos, our love speaks louder than words. 在纹身的语言中,我们的爱比言语更响亮。


7、The tears I shed for you have become an ocean of sorrow that I can never escape from.

8、Even if the world is barren, there is always a person, he will be your followers.

9、The sound of your laughter used to be the melody that brightened my world, but now it fills my heart with echoing emptiness.

10、The last page, can not turn, do not turn, turn off the dust will be lost in the eyes.



13、Love is never fair; it has a way of leaving scars that never fade away completely. 爱情从未公平;它总能留下永远不会完全消退的伤痕。

14、Your love is my anchor, keeping me grounded in this chaotic world. 你的爱是我在这个混乱的世界中扎根的锚。

15、Love is a gamble, and I lost my bet, leaving me bankrupt with nothing but a broken heart. 爱情就是赌博,而我输得血本无归,只剩下一颗破碎的心。

16、"No matter what happens, I will always be by your side." - 无论发生什么,我都会一直在你身边。

17、As long as you can be together, lose everything is not a pity.



20、"Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat." - 每次看到你,我的心都会跳个不停。



22、"Love is not finding someone to live with, it"s finding someone you can"t live without." - 爱不是找一个可以一起生活的人,而是找一个离开就无法生活的人。


24、Love never ends, it only leaves permanent imprints on our hearts. 爱永不止息,只会在我们心中留下永久的印记。

25、Every time I think about our past, it feels like a dagger stabbing my heart repeatedly.

26、True love is like a tattoo, it stays with you even when the world fades away. 真爱就像一枚纹身,即使世界褪去,它也与你同在。

27、"You had me at hello." - 你在说“你好”的时候,我就被你吸引了。

28、My heart aches, wondering why love has to be so painful.



31、My skin tells a story of love, pain, and resilience, all inked in immortal art. 我的皮肤讲述着爱、痛苦和坚韧的故事,都刻在不朽的艺术中。

32、Even if the whole world to leave you, there is one I come to accompany.


34、Sometimes, the best way to heal a broken heart is to let the tears flow freely.



37、I still carry the scars you left on my heart, reminding me of the love that was never meant to last.

38、Love is like a beautiful rose, but for me, it was nothing more than thorns that pierced my heart.

39、"I never knew what love was until I met you." - 直到遇见你,我才知道什么是爱。

40、"I just want you to know that you’re very special… and the only reason I’m telling you is that I don’t know if anyone else ever has." - 我只是想让你知道,你很特别...之所以告诉你,是因为我不知道是否有人向你表白过。

41、Our souls entwined forever, inked on the canvas of love. 我们的灵魂永远交织,刻在爱的画布上。

42、As the seasons change, memories of our love fade like autumn leaves, drifting away in the winds of time.


43、Memories of our love linger like shadows in my mind, haunting me even in the brightest of days.

44、Loving someone who doesn"t love you back is like trying to hold onto a burning flame. 爱一个不爱你的人就像试图抓住火焰一样。

45、My heart is aching, shattered into a million pieces, as I watched my love slip away. 我的心痛得支离破碎,在看着我的爱渐行渐远的时候。

46、Love"s rejection stings, leaving me feeling unworthy and unlovable.

47、"I love you more than words can express." - 我爱你胜过言语所能表达的。

48、In the depths of sorrow, I found solace in the comforting words of a heartfelt love song.

49、With you, I have found not only love, but also my best friend. 有了你,我不仅找到了爱,还找到了我最好的朋友。

50、The pain of a broken heart is like an open wound, constantly reminding me of what once was. 伤心的痛苦就像一个未愈合的伤口,不断地让我想起曾经的一切。


52、We were two souls intertwined, but now I"m left standing alone, with shards of love lying at my feet.


54、"You make my heart sing with joy." - 你让我的心因喜悦而歌唱。

55、I know you do not love me, but as the tide can not stop thinking.


57、Missing you is like a constant ache in my chest, a reminder of the love we once shared.

58、"I"m much more me when I"m with you." - 在你身边的时候,我更像真实的自己。

59、You make my heart skip a beat every time I see you. 每次看到你我都心跳加速。

60、Sometimes, love feels like a long and lonely road with no destination. 有时候,爱情就像一条漫长而寂寞的路,没有终点。

61、Love is not measured by the distance between us, but by the strength of our hearts. 爱的衡量不是通过我们之间的距离,而是通过我们内心的力量。

62、Love is the greatest gift that life has to offer. 爱是生活赋予我们的最伟大礼物。